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Monday, 27 November 2017

Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano A-29 - Turboprop Light Attack Aircraft

The Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, also named ALX or A-29, is a turboprop light attack aircraft designed for counter-insurgency, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance missions in low-threat environments, as well as providing pilot training. Designed to operate in high temperature and humidity conditions in extremely rugged terrain, the Super Tucano is highly maneuverable, has a low heat signature, and incorporates fourth-generation avionics and weapons systems to deliver precision-guided munitions. General characteristics :
Crew: Pilot plus one navigator/student in tandem on Martin Baker Mk 10 LCX zero-zero ejection seats Payload: 1,500 kg (3,307 lb) Length: 11.38 m (37 ft 4 in) Wingspan: 11.14 m (36 ft 6.5 in) Height: 3.97 m (13 ft 0.25 in) Wing area: 19.4 m2 (208.8 sq ft) Empty weight: 3,200 kg (7,055 lb) Max. takeoff weight: 5,400 kg (11,905 lb) Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-68C turboprop, 1,196 kW (1,600 shp) Propellers: Hartzell 5-blade constant speed, fully feathering, reversible-pitch propeller Performance : Maximum speed: 590 km/h (319 knots, 367 mph) Cruise speed: 520 km/h (281 knots, 323 mph) Stall speed: 148 km/h (80 knots, 92 mph) g-limit: +7/-3.5 g) Range: 720 nmi (827 mi, 1,330 km) Combat radius: 550 km (300 nmi, 342 mi) (hi-lo-hi profile, 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) of external stores) Ferry range: 1,541 nmi (1,774 mi, 2,855 km) Endurance: 8hrs 24mins Service ceiling: 10,668 m (35,000 ft) Rate of climb: 16.4 m/s (3,242 ft/min) Armament: Guns: Internal: (2×) 12.7 mm (0.50 in) 1,100 rounds per minute FN Herstal M3P machine guns, one in each wing. pod: 1 20 mm (0.79 in) 650 rounds per minute GIAT M20A1 cannon below the fuselage. pod: 1 12.7 mm (0.50 in) FN Herstal HMP for M3P machine gun under each wing pod: up to 4 7.62 mm (0.30 in) 3,000 rounds per minute Dillon Aero M134 Minigun (under development) under wings. Hardpoints: 5 (two under each wing and one under fuselage centreline) with a capacity of 1,550 kg (3,300 lb) Rockets: (4x) pods 70 mm (2.75 in) LM-70/19 (SBAT-70) (4x) pods 70 mm (2.75 in) LAU-68A/G Missiles: Air-to-air: AIM-9L Sidewinder MAA-1A Piranha MAA-1B Piranha (under development) Python 3 Python 4 Air-to-ground: AGM-65 Maverick Roketsan Cirit General-purpose bombs: (10x) Mk 81 (5x) Mk 82 M-117 Incendiary bombs: BINC-300 Cluster bombs: BLG-252 Precision-guided bombs: FPG-82 (under development) Friuli Aeroespacial INS/GPS guidance kit for Mk 82. SMKB-82 – INS/GPS guidance kit for Mk 82. GBU-54 (under development) GBU-38 (under development) GBU-39 (under development) Paveway II Lizard – Elbit laser guidance kit. Griffin – IAI laser guidance kit. Others: Chaff & Flare (countermeasures) FLIR AN/AAQ-22 Star SAFIRE II (Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensors) Avionics : MIL-STD-1553[211] standards. NVG ANVIS-9 (Night Vision) CCIP / CCRP / CCIL / DTOS / LCOS / SSLC (Computerized Attack Modes) Rohde & Schwarz M3AR VHF/UHF Airborne Transceiver (two-way encrypted[212] Data Link provision) HUD / HOTAS HMD with UFCP(Up Front Control Panel) Laser INS with GPS Navigational System. CMFD(Colored Multi-Function Display) liquid crystal active matrix Integrated Radio Communication and Navigation Video Camera/Recorder Automatic Pilot with embedded mission planning capability Stormscope WX-1000E (Airborne weather mapping system) Laser Range Finder WiPak Support – (Wi-Fi integration for Paveway bombs). Training and Operation Support System (TOSS). (Source :
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